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Job Details

Lead Counsellor

Job ID: 18,239

Date Posted:
Feb 22, 2021
Job Title:
Lead Counsellor
Job Category:
Health, Education & Social Services
In any of the 85+ locations in Ontario

Job Description:

Lead Counsellor

Description of Duties and Responsibilities

The Lead Counsellor is responsible for the successful operation of their STEM Camp location.
Each Lead Counsellor reports directly to the Camp Director and other members of the
Management Team at head office which includes the CEO and Executive Director.
The responsibilities of a Lead Counsellor include but are not limited to:
• Training and supervising staff at your assigned location
• Ensuring that all emergency procedures are taught and practiced by all campers and staff
at your location
• Ensuring a smooth pick-up and drop-off process at the start and end of each day
• Communicating with parents, either in person of by phone whenever a parent seeks
assistance or information about the camp or their children
• Carrying out duties as assigned by the Camp Director or any other member of the
management team which includes, CEO and Executive Director
• Purchasing extra camp supplies when approved by the Camp Director or other members
of the Management Team
• Managing Counsellors-In-Training (CIT) at your location
• Leading activities with children of all ages when necessary
• Performing duties as a Camp Counsellor in an emergency situation should one of the
regular Camp Counsellors be unable
• Administrative tasks including completing incident reports, accident reports, following
up on absent campers and other administrative duties as assigned
• Engaging parents by providing appropriate and professional feedback
• Modelling appropriate behaviour and creating positive interactions in all daily routines
and program delivery with campers and your peers
• Submitting to Head Office in cooperation with the Activity Coordinator, daily pictures
and videos of activities taking place at STEM Camp within the confines of privacy laws
• Attending the mandatory training day for all Lead Counsellors
• Completing non-paid Health and Safety Training
• Adhering to all STEM Camp policies including “Policy for the Protection of Children”
• Adhering to the Activity Schedule and Training Manual



How To Apply:

Application Instructions: To apply, please visit https://stemcamp.campmanagement.com/apply

Advertised Until:

Mar 31, 2021


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