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Job Details

Dining Room Server

Job ID: 16,192

Date Posted:

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Mar 5, 2019
Job Title:
Dining Room Server
Job Category:
Hospitality, Sales & Service

Job Description:

Full-Time, Part-Time, and Casual Positions available.

Provides all aspects of dining service for residents, guests and the public

1. Responsible for all aspects of dining service, resident functions such as teas and room
service, including table/tray presentation, preparation and serving of beverages and
accompaniments, serving of food and clearing of dining room.
2. Assists with the preparation and presentation of food under the direction of the Cook.
3. Carries out general cleaning duties and routines, including setting and cleaning tables
and serving counters. May be required to scrape, stack, and rack dishes and return
them to storage.
4. Practices and maintains established standards for cleanliness and sanitation required
by the Health Department in the residence.
5. Dusts tables and chairs and vacuums dining room floor.
6. Ensures condiment containers are clean and full.
7. May be required to clean and rack dishes.
8. Establishes and maintains an atmosphere conducive to pleasant dining by creating an
environment which maintains the enjoyment, self-respect, dignity and physical safety
of each resident.
9. Promotes and maintains positive communication and relationships among staff,
residents and the public.
10. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Working Conditions
1. Prolonged standing and walking;
2. Lifting and moving of equipment and supplies;
3. Repeated bending and stooping;
4. Exposure to resident elements through regular Resident contact;
5. Some stress resulting from dealing with Resident needs and time pressures;

Physical Requirements
1. Lifting alone, maximum 50 lbs. (5-25 lbs. Usual);
2. Lifting with assistance, maximum 100 lbs. (50-100 lbs. Usual) as a minor job function;
3. Pushing/pulling, using wheeled equipment such as carts, trolleys with contents that
weigh a maximum of 100 lbs. (20-50 lbs. Usual) as a minor activity;
4. Stretching/reaching on a regular frequency throughout the shift as an essential job
5. Walking, with possibility of some upstairs walking, as a major job function;
6. Standing, for lengths of time, up to four hours maximum. (1-3 hours usual) as a major
job function;
7. Bending/stooping on a regular frequency as a major job function;
8. Carries and transports objects of various sizes, to a maximum of 50 lbs. (5-15 lbs
usual) as a minor job function;
9. Must be able to move and lift equipment and supplies of various sizes and weights;
10. Must have visual


Health and Safety
1. Is aware of employee's responsibilities and follows all health and safety policies andprocedures as set out in the employee safety program handbook and departmental manuals;
2. Works safely to reduce the risk of injury to self, co-workers , and Residents;
3. Is alert to and promptly reports all actual or potentially hazardous situations to immediate supervisor;
4. Does not operate or use faulty equipment;
5. Wears personal protective equipment (or clothing) as required by task , M.S.D.S. or residence policy;
6. Promptly reports personal injury to supervisor and seeks first aid as needed;
7. Participates in fire safety demonstrations and fire drills, and knows the residence fire and disaster plans;

1. Minimum Grade 10.
2. Must be able to serve liquor (Smart Serve certified), have two years’ experience in formal
dining room service.
3. A good command of the English language, both oral and written skills.
4. Ability to work independently and/or as a member of a team.

How To Apply:

Come in to CONTACT bradford WORKS today for more information on how to apply!

(Job posted with CONTACT via Employer)

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Apr 1, 2019


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